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HCM Technology Report

Typing HandsThe HCM Technology Report covers HR technology’s impact across the entire organization. Today, everything about the business world is in motion: the global economy, technology, the expectations of both workers and customers, the creation and consumption of information, and how organizations view their employees. As a result, within the next several years fundamental questions about the workforce’s value will be answered and HR will settle into a position–either strategic or operational–that it will hold for generations.

Meanwhile, HR and the technology vendors that serve it face structural challenges that are distressingly familiar: Executives describe their workforce as “a strategic asset” but fail to back their words with real money and resources for training, compensation and engagement. HR leaders labor to educate their colleagues about how they can match talent to strategy and solve business problems, but must battle for the line manager’s attention when it comes to conducting a job search, describing a role’s requirements and allotting time and budget for the learning that will add value to each worker’s contribution.

The HCM Technology Report’s goal is to serve business leaders both inside and outside of HR, as well as the technology companies and consultants who serve them. It aims to keep readers ahead of trends by exploring technical developments, user behaviors and organizational changes that impact the technology strategies, product development and financial performance of both customers and vendors.

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