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Typewriter KeyboardBusiness isn’t simple, and some topics need room. At Tramp Steamer Media, we create feature packages by digging deep to fashion the kind of stories that people search for but rarely find — thought-provoking and tailored articles that represent the detailed understanding of a true thought leader.

We do the original reporting necessary to unearth the story that lies behind the news. We work with your in-house experts and do supplemental research, all to produce content that will have your audience talking and the media asking for more.

What kind of features? Q&As with your company’s experts. Multimedia packages. Interviews. Trend and think pieces. In-depth analysis of industry developments. Bylined articles.

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"Tramp Steamer Media's reporters and writers put their experience to work with the highest standards of journalistic integrity and professionalism. They immerse themselves in each assignment, and their expertise makes them a worry-free member of your team."
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