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Hiring Job Seekers With Criminal Histories [HR Magazine]

Winner РDateline Award for Best Trade Feature Article, Society of Professional Journalists/DC Chapter, 2017
Winner – Best B2C article, Specialized Information Publishers Association, 2017

National Bronze Award – American Society of Business Publication Editors, 2017
Finalist – Jesse H. Neal Award, 2017

How Changes in Technology Are Re-Creating the HR-IT Relationship [SHRM]

HR Moves toward Wider Use of Predictive Analytics [SHRM]

Things You Can Do With Cognitive Computing Right Now [IBM Think Marketing]

How to Recruit in a Struggling Industry [HR Magazine]

3 Great Ideas for Encore Careers [Huffington Post]

HCM Technology

Does HR Have the Tools to Align With Business? (HCM Technology Report]

New Work Arrangements Call for New Tech Tools [HR Magazine]

The Democratization of Talent Management [SHRM]

Workforce Planning Moves Into the Real-Time World [SHRM]

To Succeed With New Technology, Understand the End User First [HCM Technology Report]

How Changes in Technology Are Re-Creating the HR-IT Relationship [SHRM]


Turning Data into Stories [IBM Think Marketing]

Who are Chief Marketing Technologists and Why You Need One [IBM Think Marketing]

How Predictive Analytics Empowers Marketers [IBM Think Marketing]

What Happens When Data Drives Creativity [IBM Think Marketing]

Use Data-Driven Practices to Improve HR Processes [HR Magazine]

How ‘Chief Performance Officers’ Will Impact HR []

Big Data’s Growing Role in Technical Hiring [Dice]

D&B’s New ‘Risk Intelligence’ Tool Points Credit Reporting Forward [LinkedIn]

Should Data Scientists Learn UX Skills? [Dice]

Building Out a Career in Data Science [Dice]


Where Are All the Good Recruiters? [SHRM]

Algorithms Are Changing the Recruiter’s Role [SHRM]

Integrating Social Media Into Your Recruiting [Dice]

Building Out a Career in Data Science [Dice]

Will Contract-to-Hire Limit Your Talent Pool? [Dice]

How to Quickly Hire New Employees While Staying on Top of Your Job [Brazen Careerist]

HR and Workforce Issues

Should You Track the Social Media of Fired Employees? [SHRM]

Why the Keys to IT Diversity May Be Hiding in Plain Sight [SHRM]

What Makes a Great Employer [HR Magazine]

Lessons from HR Departments of One [HR Magazine]

When Candidates Cite Online Pay Data in Negotiations [SHRM]

What Will Millennial Managers Expect from HR [TalentCulture]

HR’s Hard Challenge: When Employees Lack Soft Skills [HR Magazine]

Career News and Advice

4 Tips for Researching Your Next Employer [Dice]

Lessons Tech Pros Learned On Their First Job [Dice]

Can Tech Pros Really Win the Gig Economy? [Dice]

3 Things to ‘Listen’ For During Job Interviews [Careerealism]

How to Use Your Interview to Check Out the Company’s Culture [The Recruiter’s Lounge]

Career Change: Becoming the Boss []

Preparing for Real-Time Performance Reviews [Dice]

Learn the Basics of Web Development [SkilledUp]

Experts Discuss the Future of Web Development [SkilledUp]

5 Tips to Ace Your Skype Job Interview []

How to Get an Entry-Level Job in HR [SHRM]

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